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The Evolution of Manson Guitars: From to

From its humble beginnings in the late 60s and early 70s to its current expansive operation, Manson Guitars has become a global icon for its innovative and quality guitars. Starting as a brother duo, Hugh and Andy Manson, they initially explored their passions for the instrument, leading to the establishment of the company that now caters to the specific needs of renowned musicians around the world.

The Birth of an Idea:

The roots of Manson Guitars trace back to the initiative of the two Manson brothers. Hugh’s brother, Andy, built his first acoustic guitar at age 17 and proceeded to study the science of soundboards at the London College of Furniture in 1968/69. Hugh joined later, deciding to specialize in the electric side of guitar making. This collaboration led to the establishment of the first Manson Guitar Works in Crowborough, Sussex.

The website serves as an archive of some of the unique custom instruments Hugh Manson crafted during this period. With a focus on one-off customs, the website displays a collection of guitars made over the years, reflecting the evolution of design and innovation.

The Journey to

In the late 70s and 80s, Manson Guitars experienced a significant expansion. The company, now a well-established entity, recorded serial numbers for every guitar produced, signifying their commitment to unique craftsmanship. It was during this period that Hugh and Andy Manson relocated to Devon, with Hugh specialising solely in electric guitar and bass.

The 90s marked another significant change for Manson Guitars. The formation of Manson’s Guitar Shop in 1992 provided an opportunity to offer the best advice and service in guitar-making, combining Hugh’s luthier skills with Adrian Ashton’s legal expertise.

Over the years, Manson Guitars attracted a diverse range of musicians, including the likes of John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Matthew Bellamy of Muse, Noel Gallagher of Oasis, and Joe Bonamassa, among others.

In the 2000s, Manson Guitar Works became a separate entity when Mansons Guitar Shop moved to larger premises. The production continued to focus on custom orders and Works guitars with signature finishes. Their product range expanded to include official signature guitar models for Matt Bellamy of Muse and other high-profile artists.

The Modern Era of Manson Guitars

The most exciting decade of Manson Guitar Works began in 2010. The Manson MA guitar became the standard model of the company, catering to both traditional and modern players. It was also during this period that the company moved to significantly larger premises in Ashburton, Devon, leading to an increase in production and facilities.

2019 marked another significant change for the company. Matthew Bellamy, Manson Guitar Works signature artist, purchased the majority share of the company from Hugh Manson. This new partnership led to exciting plans for the company, including the release of the Manson META Series MBM-1, which received critical acclaim and several awards in 2020.

From to, the journey of Manson Guitars reflects the evolution of guitar-making over the years. Hugh Manson’s vision, his commitment to quality, innovation, and technology, combined with a team of equally passionate individuals, have led to the creation of a brand that has left an indelible mark in the music industry. The company’s legacy is a testament to the idea that with passion and dedication, unique, lasting creations can be made.

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